Who We Are

We're working hard to build something great.  Here's some insight into how we got started, our long term strategy and who's on the team.

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What we're doing:

ShareActor was founded and funded by Birger Lie in November of 2015. Based in Olso, he built up his team of expert developers, delivering rock solid business applications to startup and enterprise clients that were developed with the ShareActor platform.  

The goal was to make connecting resources easier by breaking down the common requirements of every business process into building blocks.  Then, you wouldn't have to build the same things over and over, e.g., a payment process or a delivery scheduling module, everytime you created a new application.

As experts in A.I., we baked machine learning capabilities into our platform and it's building blocks.  Ensuring an organisation's ability to plan for the future, when A.I. will be a requirement to remain competitive, is at the core of what we're doing.  We're helping companies build towards a data driven future through machine intelligence.

This is a summary of our long-term strategy:

Phase 1: Applications - Deliver rock solid applications built on our platform.

Phase 2: Self-service - Empower developers with APIs that connect to our platform.

Phase 3: Partners - Firms that develop applications and customisations on our platform.

Phase 4: Marketplace - Provide a marketplace for the value-adding prebuilt plugins and applications people have developed with our platform.

Who we are:

Birger Lie.png

Birger Lie

Pedro Pregueiro.png

Pedro Pregueiro

Sofien Lazreg.png

Sofien Lazreg
Lead Frontend Developer

Yonatan Alexander.png

Yonatan Alexander
Data Scientist

Nicolas Bonduel.png

Nicolas Bonduel
Frontend Developer

Tigran Bagdasaryan.png

Tigran Bagdasaryan
Frontend Developer

Kristopher Jordan.png

Kristopher Jordan
Backend Developer

Gabriel Blondeau.png

Gabriel Blondeau
Backend Developer

Michael Holland.png

Michael Holland
Head of Sales & Business Development

Wesley George.png

Wesley George
Business Development and Operations Lead

Tom Bowman.png

Tom Bowman
VP UK Business Development

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