This is how we developed the tools that you'll use to optimize your business.


MongoDB and Heroku

Storage and hosting are obviously immensely integral to the work we do.  MongoDB is the database program we use to store all our data, and is persisted on multiple machines. We use Heroku to host the whole platform, leveraging all the efficiency that comes with it.



Our backend is robust and scalable, and built in Python.  Above and beyond the powerful tools we've built, we use others that allow us to send push notifications or text messages or emails to users.  Or, for example, those we use to integrate the logins out there, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, to name a few.


Node.js and AngularJS

Our frontend framework is AngularJS, which is maintained by Google.  Node.js is the backend environment on which we run our middleware.  Other tools allow us to customize the styles of our dashboards and websites or gather data that offers insights into who is using your products or services.



Multithread processing lets you build an app that looks and feels crisp and responsive at a fraction of from-scratch native app development costs.  It doesn’t just make a ‘mobile web app’, but allows you to quickly build a real mobile app while being compatible with native-coded components.


Stripe, Paypal and DIBS

As we work on more and more products, our multiple payment systems framework expands.  We have designed the platform to make the integration of new payment methods quick and easy, while our existing methods offer flexible global solutions.

Coding Etiquette

Github, Waffle, Slate

We use Github for our code hosting, peer review process and issue management, among other things. Professionally executed, high-quality efficient coding is at the very core of what we do. We have tools to report live bugs and diagnose errors. We use Slate as our documentation system and are ready to supply you with clear, concise documentation for any of our APIs you want.

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