Will you be a disruptor, or just disrupted? Our A.I.-driven resource allocation algorithm manages complex business processes for the Smart Companies of tomorrow.


Our resource allocation optimization capabilities inject effeciency into your management systems, reducing waste and cost while increasing flexibility and adaptability.  Here are some other examples of how our tools can be leveraged. 

Fleet Management

Whether you just need vehicle telematics that tell you where your resources are and automatically assign them to where they should be next, or a more diverse, comprehensive fleet management solution, our tools will increase the efficiency of your system by reducing transportation and staffing costs.

Recommendation Engine

Our A.I.-driven Recommendation Engine uses feature vectors to run analyses, providing personalized recommendations specifically tailored for a customer based not only on their previous experiences and preferences, but on data across all customers.  It can also be used to share insights gained by evaluating behaviors accross all Providers and recommending practices or services that will improve their performance.

Price Optimization

How much should you be charging for your products or services?  Pricing strategies are subject to our preconcieved notions about what our product or service is and for whom it was built.  These assumptions can cost you significant percentages of your revenue or even hide entire segments of the market from you.  Our engine takes customer behavior data, plugs it into our algorithms and gives you the answer with scientifically measurable certainty.  No ballpark, no bias, no preconceptions.  Just science. 

We Have a Deep Toolbox

Our Revenue Analysis shows you where your business's trends are headed and lets you see through the noise of everyday variations.  Our Analytical Insight helps you understand your customers, your providers and the services or products you're providing and gain perspective that informs where and into what you should be pouring your resources.  We provide meaningful Bundling that gives your customers what they want before they search for it.  You could be combating customer or provider Churn with proactive retention and community maintenance strategies.  We've built powerful tools for the Smart Companies of tomorrow.  Let's build them..

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